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San Diego

2019 Del Mar Fair Tickets

Palomar Square Dance Association

Back Country Square Dance Association

San Diego Round Dance Instructors

San Diego County Square Dance Callers Association

Dancer's Digest

California State


59th California State Square Dance Convention (April 26-28 2019) - Imperial Valley Expo, El Centro, CA

60th California State Convention (April 17-19 2020) - Kings County Fairgrounds, Hanford, CA


California Square Dance Council

California Association Festivals

Southern California Clogging Association

Valley Trailers Square Dance Club (Northridge)

Western Square Dance Association (South Central California)

Lynn's Square Dance Page (Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties)

Croakers Youth/Family Square Dance Club (2nd Sunday, Garden Grove)

USA National

2019 NSDC (June 26-29, 2019) Atlanta, GA

2020 NSDC (June 17-20, 2020) Spokane WA

2021 NSDC (June 23-26, 2021) Jackson, MS

Western USA

USA West Square Dance Convention Policy Board
List of future conventions

Hawaiian Islands

Mid-West USA

Eastern USA

Mike Gormley (Caller)

Virginia Square & Round Dance Association


Canadian Square & Round Dance Society

Edmonton & District Square Dance Association

Saskatchewan Square & Round Dance Federation


Missouri Federation of Square & Round Dance Clubs

Square Dance Moves -- Definitions & Animations

Callers & Cuers

Ken Bower - caller

Pat Carnathan - caller

Rey Garza - cuer

Hunter Keller - caller

Bill & Linda Maisch - cuer

Mike Sikorsky - caller

Romney Tannehill - caller

Buddy Weaver - caller

General Information

United Square Dancers of America

ARTS (Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-Dance)

Western Square Dancing Page

Square Dance Associations in the US

Square Dance Festivals in the US

Where's The Dance

Vic and Debbie Ceder's Square Dance Resource Net

Callerlab - (Program lists & Definitions) - Marketing information


You Too Can Dance 

Interesting articles by Barry Clasper
How Good is Good?
May I Help?

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